What to Expect During Your First Trip to a Dancewear Store

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It's Back to Dance time and that means for several students, this will be their first time taking a dance class. As a parent it can be a little overwhelming! First finding the perfect studio for your child, then the enrolling or open house...then you find out what all your child needs for class and if you've never taken dance yourself, you may not even know where to start.

So, with list in hand, you're off to the closest dancewear store. But what should you expect?

1. Your first visit to the dancewear store will take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending upon the time of day. If your child isn't in school yet, going during the school day will ensure fewer customers.

2. Remember the list. While the odds are that the staff at the dancewear store will be familiar with your child's studio and the requirements, that's not always the case. So keep your list handy.

3. Try to bring your dancer with you. Dance clothes and shoes fit differently than regular street clothes and it's always best for the child to be able to try the items on to ensure a proper fit.

4. If the studio asks that children where socks with their ballet shoes, try to bring a pair of socks as that will change how the shoes are fitted.

5. Now is the perfect time to ask those questions you forgot to ask at registration (i.e., the best way to do a hair bun on a squirming kiddo, do they wear underwear with leotards, is there a difference between regular tights and dance tights)

6. Be prepared for cuteness overload! There is always so much to take in. Dance bags, dance themed jewelry, adorable dance dresses. Brace yourself!

As intimidating as that first trip to the dancewear store might be, remember there will probably be other parents in there for the first time as well. Your local dance store is the hub of your local dance community. This is where you can go for advice, tips, tricks, and pointers that non-dance parents would never even think of.

Congratulations on your child's first step into dance! This will be an amazing experience for all of you!


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