Popular Question: Do You Wear Underwear With A Leotard

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This is one of the most frequently asked questions of all new dance moms. Do you wear underwear with a leotard? So sit down for a little Dance Mom 101.

In general, the answer is no, there is no reason for your child to wear underwear with a leotard. Both leotards and dance tights have breathable linings and gussets that eliminate the need for underwear. In leotards, the crotch area has an extra piece of fabric sewn and in tights there is a section at the crotch that is a slightly different texture than the rest of the fabric. If a leo or pair of tights does not have one of these, it's not actually meant for dance or is of lower quality. This is often the case at your local discount or department store as opposed to an actual dance store.

Another problem is just general comfort. Leotards and tights are designed to move with the dancer comfortably. Adding a layer of underwear usually causes the fabrics to pinch and bunch which is uncomfortable.Think of the leotard like a swimsuit...A useful description to use if you have a little one that is bucking the idea as well.

Wearing underwear under a leotard also poses a problem as in inevitably ends up poking out and nothing is quite as distracting a the neon end of underwear peeking out around the leg of a leotard. A useful vision to keep in mind when the question arises about wearing underwear under a dance costume as well.

As girls get older, the question may become an issue when they are menstruating. This is possibly the only time to consider wearing underwear with a leotard. A simple no line, flesh toned panty is fine under a leotard and booty shorts. If short are not an option, consider a flesh toned thong and the liners meant for use with thongs.

I wish all dance moms good luck tackling this issue. Sometimes little dancers will fight you tooth and nail to wear underwear with a leotard, but then be devastated when it shows during class...And then you get to have that same battle as soon as puberty hits. Stay strong dance moms!

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