Does Your Closet Look Like a Dancewear Warehouse?

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Dancewear warehouse

If you've been dancing for a few years, it is highly possible that you have accumulated a collection of leotards and costumes that make your closet look like a Dancewear warehouse.


1. Declutter your dancewear by category.

It's so easy to just toss everything together, but separate your dance clothes into categories like costumes, black leotards, other leotards, shorts, crop tips, leggings, tights, and undergarments. Then sort through every item in a single category before moving on to the next.

Why is this method better?

Because it’s way easier to compare similar clothes when they’re all grouped together in front of you, making it easier to get rid of the things you know you have too much of or don’t want.

As you go through your stuff, make a commitment to only keep the clothes you know you love and wear with frequency.

Do those costumes really need to stay in the closet? You don't have to get rid of them, but it might be better to pack them away in a plastic tote. There are so many crafts for old costumes such as shadow boxes and quilts that you may want to do, but for now get them out of the way.


2. Empty and clean your closet.

Once you’ve made separate “donation” and “keep” piles for your dance clothes, shoes, and accessories, give your closet a once-over and pull out anything else still lingering inside it.

When only the occasional lone safety pin remains, dive in and give your closet a proper dusting. Vacuum the carpet, wipe down the shelves, and scrub any scuff marks or dirt off the walls. Since so much dancewear is black, dust is your enemy, so it's better to start with a clean slate.


3. Design your ideal closet space.

Look at what you have to work with, taking note of your closet’s best features. Maybe you have tons of vertical storage space, built-in shelving, or multiple hanging rods. Really consider what space will work best for which items. Maybe hang leotards and leggings, plastic bins on shelves for tights and then another for crop tops and shorts.


4. Store your clothes by category.

Remember seperating everything in groups? Keep it that way. Keep like items with like items. Store all your black leotards together, all your other leotards in the same spot, hang your leggings alongside each other, and keep your tights separate from your shorts.


5. Use the correct hangers.

You are spending all this time getting organized, don't blow it with the wrong hangers. Look for grooves or notches for straps to keep your dancewear from sliding off the hangers and ending up in a heap on the floor.


6. Store your most used clothes toward the center

Keep everything you wear on a regular basis towards the center of your closet for easy access during that hectic time between school and dance.


7. Turn your hangers backward to mark how often you wear your clothing.

Feel like you're always wearing the same thing? This trick will let you know what you've worn lately at one glance.


Hopefully these tips will help you get all your dance clothes organized so you won't feel like you're living in a dancewear warehouse.

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