Dancewear Trends for 2020: Mesh Leotards

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As we are getting ready for the new year, we'd like to make a prediction what the dancewear trends are going to be for 2020. Topping our list is a constant best seller, mesh leotards.

Mesh leotards have been a staple in our store and on our website since the beginning. Ever popular and available in a variety of styles and colors.

Mesh Camisole Leotards

These are a spin on the traditional camisole while still maintaining some of the traditional camisole look.

Mesh Camisole Leotard

The mesh detailing can be at the neckline, across the back, or like the one above in the center. It's a nice touch of style in a traditional ballet cut.


Mesh Tank Leotards

The tank leotard style is growing in popularity as the line between dance and gymnastics blurs. Often, students need a leotard that can transition between gymnastics and dance. Perhaps because of this, tank leotards are joining the fashion game and more tanks are starting to feature mesh details.

Mesh Tank Leotard

The bright band of color in the mesh tank leotard featured above is a perfect example of dance and gymnastics styles crossing over.


Short Sleeve Mesh Leotards

Once a constant in every dress code, short sleeve leotards fell out of favor for a while, but now they are back and joining the fashion game with mesh details that give a modern flair to this very traditional look. The modest aspect of the cut makes it a parent favorite while the mesh details give it the trendy look dancers want.

Short Sleeve Mesh Leotard



3/4 Sleeve Mesh Leotards

A new trend on the dancewear scene is the gaining popularity of 3/4 sleeves. One of our best sellers has been a leotard with 3/4 mesh sleeves. Conservative, but different this is a cut that could go from winter into spring without slowing down.

 Mesh 3/4 Sleeve Leotard


Long Sleeve Mesh Leotards

By far the most popular version of all the mesh leotard styles. The long sleeves can be the same color as the leotard or a bright contrasting color. The effect either way is a visual lengthening of the arms which makes it an excellent choice for conventions or auditions.

 Long Sleeve Mesh Leotard


We will be continuing to add more mesh leotards to our website as the styles evolve and we can't wait to see what else 2020 brings our way!

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