Ballet Shoes for Toddlers

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Is there anything cuter than tiny ballet dancers? Little ones just starting their ballet adventure, so excited for the fun they are going to have! As a parent, the question becomes, what type of ballet shoes for toddlers should you buy?

Each studio will have their own preferences, but for the most part, you can expect a full sole leather ballet shoe. These are generally inexpensive which makes them a great option for toddlers.

At Dancetastic Dancewear, we carry two different types of full sole ballet shoes for toddlers.

Child Tendu from Eurotard - One of our best selling ballet shoes is Eurotard's full sole leather ballet shoes offer the perfect amount of support needed for young or beginner dancers. Starting at a toddler size 7, the soft, full grain leather exterior and brushed cotton interior wrap snugly around the foot while the full suede sole helps develop the necessary muscular strength in the arch. Flattened, elongated pleating under the metatarsals create a smooth, stable foundation for dancers. These ballet shoes come ready to wear with a pre-sewn elastic and anchored elastic drawstring. These are popular for both their under $20 price and the super soft leather that conforms to a child's foot quickly.

Passe from Eurotard - Our other choice is also from the Eurotard brand and under $20. Prepare your tiny ballerina for success with our Passé Full Sole Leather Ballet Shoe. Designed for little ones and starting at a toddler size 7, this leather ballet slipper features a pre-sewn, crisscross elastic strap and a soft, drawstring free elastic binding for a secure, distraction free fit. The premium, flexible leather form effortlessly to the feet while the supportive full suede soles build the muscular strength of the arch. An elongated, flattened pleating at each metatarsal ensures a flattering fit without any bumps or bulges under the toes. Our Passé drawstring free ballet slippers have an incredibly soft, ultra breathable cotton lining for comfortable wear during classes and performances.

Buying ballet shoes for toddlers doesn't have to be an intimidating experience and you can't really go wrong with a full sole ballet shoe as many adults still pick a full sole over other designs. Relax, figure out what works best for your child and your child's class, and go from there.


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