Are We Experiencing a Dancewear Revolution?

Posted by Dana Burnett on

As everyone heads back to dance for the new season, you may notice that the style of dancewear is trending away from the traditional and moving more toward more fashion forward choices. Yes, it seems we are experiencing a dancewear revolution.

For years, the traditional attire for class for both young and older dancers was a black leotard and pink tights. This offered very few ways for a dancer to express their personal style.

Now, when you drop your dancer off at dance class, you will see dancers in every type of attire in every color imaginable. Thanks to new retailers and new brands, the fashionable styles in dance magazines are more affordable than ever. Now a dancer can pick from brights colored seperates, to notice me colors in traditional leotard styles, to fashion leotards that are a standout.

So as a parent, what do you think of the dancewear revolution taking place? Are you happy to see a rainbow of colors and so many new styles, or would you prefer that dancewear go back to the more traditional style that was the standard for years?

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